To help international students or their parents apply student’s visa or visitor’s visa for the first time from their home country. 

Visa Renewal

Dedicated to TCDSB students for their visa renewal including student visa renewal and passport renewal, make sure the different continuous learning periods of our students can be connected smoothly

Further COnsultant

Apart from short student visa or visitor’s visa, we are open to answer all visa relevant questions for long term period.


Most asked questions

The visa application processing time of immigration department can be can be found on its website, but we highly recommend our students to leave some time for preparation and renew their visa at least 3 months before it is expired.

Except the application fees, government will also charge fixed price for submitting all your documents. Also you will have to pay for the mailing fees to update your passport. 

We highly recommend TCDSB students listen carefully to their senior guardian about the most important date of every year’s schedule. If the visa is expired Unfornately, you will have to retore the visa and pay additional fees, or you will probably need to leave the country immediately. 

The international high school student’s visa terms can be varied from 1 year to 3 years. But the most common term is 1 year.